Hoogwaardige kunststof koffers
Hoogwaardige kunststof koffers

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Solide aluminium kisten
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Excellent X480/570
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Solide aluminium kisten
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Treadplate Aluminium Boxes





Standard tailor-made packaging solution


Maxado has a standard packaging solution for each market segment within the industry. Our product range does not only comprise of synthetic or plastic (former SPI) cases and robust Excellent cases with double walls, but also of aluminium cases and aluminium boxes. The production takes place on basis of own tools and moulds. Our production locations are not limited to Europe only, our production facilities can be found world-wide. Our synthetic cases (incl. Excellent series) are produced in the Netherlands.


We also have the possibility to offer you custom-made solutions, which even in less large quantities could be of interest to you.


In short : Maxado is thé packaging partner for you, for every wish you may have.

Are you interested in more information regarding these solutions we refer to all our application possibilities or please contact us. Application possibilities for cosmetics, lamps, equipment, promotional products, medicine, technology and industry, electronic equipment, presentation, transport, advertising and containers.


About Maxado


Our company has been specialised in packaging solutions since its establishment in 1995. Our long experience, short communication lines and service oriented approach ensure that our service to you will be quick, efficient and professional. This applies to our plastic cases as well as to our aluminium cases and boxes.


More information or an advice? Please let us know.